CoW #10 – March 2nd, 2015

CoW - March 2nd

There are more ladies than gentlemen on this month’s poster, yet it’s shaping up to be the most balls out crazy show we’ve ever had. Allow me to inflame the online gender wars further by mansplaining this month’s lineup…

The ladies:

- The Cavern was introduced to Natalie Palamides as a member of Little Red Feathers, but she’s also a completely fearless solo performer. Enjoy this video Natalie made about “Objectifying Women” to see why I asked her to do “10 minutes of anything [she] wants” at this month’s show.

Alex Floyd runs a dance company called OdDancity that specializes in dance that’s modern, experimental, and, frankly, dark and scary. A past Whimsy attendee, Alex has choreographed a brand new piece to be performed by Kistina Pressler. After viewing a sneak preview, I had to sleep with the lights on.

The gentlemen:

- Regulars at the Nerdist School, Power Up! (Max Crandall, Jonny Cruz, Landon Kirksey, Matt Portman, Ray Timmons) is an improv team filled with quick-witted, hilarious people who’ve been playing together a long time. Fine wine, anyone?

- Hughie Stone Fish is an outstanding musician who plays multiple instruments and is an extremely prolific songwriter. Whatever he plays to close out the show will be but a fraction of his work, so click his link — and everybody else’s — to get a sneak peak for March 2nd.

– What else? This month’s “SoCal Slideshow Tour” returns to Van Nuys for a second helping of Valley weirdness. And two new original videos? You got it.

Where can you see this madness?

The facts are on the poster, and here:

At 8:30, Monday night, March 2nd, at The Ruby Theatre, inside the double doors at The Complex, on the right, Cavern of Whimsy will begin for a 10th time.

Pre-order tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, or pay $10 cash at the door. Your choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy: ladies and gentlemen.