CoW #4 – September 1st, 2014

CoW - September 1st


When you stop to think about it, you do most things for arbitrary reasons, then decide after the fact that you had a great reason to do what you did, to the point where you — I mean “me” — wrote “Mike Critelli’s Cavern of Whimsy is not, nor will ever be, on Facebook” in the “About” section. You (“me”) do this because you didn’t, for some reason, have a personal Facebook account in June 2014, so you couldn’t make a Facebook page for your (my) show when you sent out your first announcement about it (the show).


Starting now, Cavern of Whimsy is on Facebook. And I’m on Facebook.

Like us! Friend us!

Also new: Cavern of Whimsy tickets are now available on Brown Paper Tickets. With added fees, the $8 turns out to be $9.27, the price of a drink and a half at any local bar. (Our drinks are free.) You can still pay cash, but it’s gone up to $10, because saving $.073 is a good enough reason to plan ahead.

And now, the show…

We will see the return of Well Done, the sketch comedy duo with Matt Noonan and Mike Trehy, with new sketches and classics never performed in the Cavern. Also, Singer/Songwriter Clem Darling will join us to talk about his recent arrest on the Texas border and two nights in a private jail, not unlike Cool Hand Luke.


– A new edition of “SoCal Slideshow Tours,” the segment where I walk around different districts of LA and take photos and we all laugh at them.

– The return of live painting, with local artist Yarbrough.

– A brand new segment called Filthy Parody Karaoke, where beloved performers from past shows – David Croom and Nick Luciano — attempt to sing obscene parody versions of their favorite karaoke songs. LIVE!

– A pair of end-of-summer-themed sketch comedy videos.

And more!

The facts are on the poster, and here:

At 9:00, Monday night, September 1st, at The Ruby Theatre, inside the double doors at The Complex, on the right, Cavern of Whimsy will begin for a 4th time.

Pre-order tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, or pay $10 cash at the door. Your choice.

Close out Labor Day Weekend with a Whimsy and a Bang.