CoW #9 – February 2nd, 2015

CoW - February 2nd


When you schedule your show on the first Monday of every month, it wasn’t because you brought a calendar to the negotiations to make sure that each date was ideal for your fans; it was because you saw that Mondays weren’t booked yet in the theater you wanted, and you figured people wouldn’t be as busy as on Fridays or weekends.

(“You” is me.)

What I’ve realized over the past eight shows is that people aren’t busy on Monday nights because they choose not to be. They just had a long day at work after the weekend and are exhausted. They don’t want to go out, they want to stay home and watch The Blacklist on ABC.

The Monday of February 2nd, in particular, is the day after the Super Bowl. And while I don’t have the unenviable task of trying to fill a theater that night like my friends at the Same Same Show, Feb 2nd won’t be a piece of cake either.

What’s a guy to do?

Put together the best show of the whole entire month, I guess…

- Tacklebox is the improv comedy duo consisting of BJ “Honkey” Lange and Josh Tariff, teacher and host, respectively, at iO West Theater. Good long-form improv is hard, but these guys are some of the best.

– You may remember Tessa Williams as the weird lady on the panel at CoW #2 and as a member of my old improv team, Little Sally Jenkins. But did you know she’s also a playwright? She’s working on a short, old-school radio-serial-style play and performing it live. Whimsical, yes?

– Standup comedian Michael Alberici has consistently made me (and everyone) laugh at the HaHa Cafe in North Hollywood, so much so that he’ll be hosting his own weekly show there starting Tuesday night. If you like his set at CoW #9, go check that out too!

–Finally, Johnny Ashkar of Crown City Krooks, fresh off his band’s successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut album, will go solo to close out the show.

–More? How about a new “SoCal Slideshow Tour” (in the hellish “Heart of the Valley,” Van Nuys) and a new original video; not an “Outrageous Animated Short” but something even zanier.


The facts are on the poster, and here:

At 8:30, Monday night, February 2nd, at The Ruby Theatre, inside the double doors at The Complex, on the right, Cavern of Whimsy will begin for a 9th time.

Pre-order tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, or pay $10 cash at the door. Your choice.

Cavern of Whimsy: the only thing more Super than the Super Bowl.