“Pizza John”

“Beings Worthy of Respect” is the sketch comedy production company Matt Mieskoski and I created in hopes of achieving worldwide fame via The Internet. This little-known gem was a perfect interlude for Cavern of Whimsy #1.


“Atheist’s Commercial for God”

Another “Beings Worthy of Respect” sketch, this time for Cavern of Whimsy #2. Was submitted and turned down by Cracked.com for being too one-sided. And we thought they were a comedy site… Take a look.


“The Golden Egg”

One of the very first “Beings Worthy of Respect” sketches filmed, fittingly summery for Cavern of Whimsy #3 on August 3rd. Bad sound mixing hurt it in a live setting, but it’s still a winner in my book.


Friendboat – “Surfer Joe”

Since Nick Luciano did me the favor of performing the first song of “Filthy Parody Karaoke” at Cavern of Whimsy #4, I returned the favor by showing this “Friendboat” sketch that he wrote and edited. A personal absurdist favorite.


Clem Darling – “We’ll be Fine”

Clem Darling is a longtime friend and collaborator, and this was his first music video. I interviewed him for Cavern of Whimsy #4 but he didn’t perform music, so this blast from the past was the next best thing.


“The Metamorphosis”

Matt Noonan of Clyde McFly / Well Done, who performed live at both Cavern of Whimsy #1 and #4, called me when he decided to shave his beard to see if I wanted to film it. This is a lightweight but enjoyable piece where it’s hard to tell where acting stops and genuine anguish begins.


Clyde McFly – “Well Done EPISODE 4 – Halloween”

Clyde McFly (Matt Noonan and Mike Trehy) have a web series called “Well Done,” about two adult friends who like to host barbecues, and I’ve happily provided direction and editorial support. This Halloween episode was a great intro to Cavern of Whimsy #6 on November 3rd.


Clyde McFly – “Well Done EPISODE 5 – Current Events”

Another Clyde McFly episode of “Well Done,” and the intro video for Cavern of Whimsy #7. As I joked at the start of the show, we filmed it two months prior and virtually all the ‘current’ events in the video were more relevant now than then.


Clyde McFly – “Well Done EPISODE 8 – Super Sunday”

The intro to Cavern of Whimsy #9 set the table for a night of conversation about the previous day’s sporting event (and more importantly, the commercials). If you like seeing guys cry, you’re gonna love this one.