Title Sequence

I produced this song and video as a signature intro for Cavern of Whimsy #5 on October 6th, 2014. Filmed myself sketching the show logo using the music stand on the keyboard in my bedroom, edited it down, and this baby was born.


“Costume Party” (An Outrageous Animated Short)

Emboldened by the success of the animated title sequence, I created this for Cavern of Whimsy #6, a combination of sloppy hand-drawn artwork, public domain background images, pointless sound effects, bad voice work (I do all voices, male or female), and virtually no actual animation, it was a hit.


“Christmas Party” (An Outrageous Animated Short)

A sequel/prequel to the previous “Outrageous Animated Short,” Cavern of Whimsy #7 saw the debut of “Christmas Party.” The bodybuilder character returns, this time as a deadbeat dad on Christmas Eve.


“New Years Party” (An Outrageous Animated Short)

The final party of the “Party Trilogy,” from Cavern of Whimsy #8. Featuring voice acting from guest star Richard Branson, whether he likes it or not.


“It’s All Mike (and a bag of chips.)”

The day after the “Big Game” on Sunday, February 1st, I premiered this fan-made Doritos commercial at Cavern of Whimsy #9. May or may not be removed from YouTube, for obvious reasons.


“Art Imitating Life”

From Cavern of Whimsy #10, a semi-animated short featuring famous pieces of artwork in a classic teen sitcom scenario: buying alcohol for the party.


“It’s All Mike (and a bag of chips.)” [America]

In the second edition of “It’s All Mike (and a bag of chips.),” Mike and Bag have different opinions about civil liberties in a free society.


“It’s All Mike (and a bag of chips.)” [Capitalism]

In the third and final edition of “It’s All Mike (and a bag of chips.),” Bag has an unfortunate interpretation of Randian economics. From Cavern of Whimsy #11.


Final Show Intro

An extended cut of the intro for the final show, Cavern of Whimsy #12, featuring video highlights from past performances.